Top Cancer Cause in Women

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Submitted by Denise Reynolds RD on Sep 24th, 2009
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* Obesity Cause and Help

Being overweight or obese accounts for up to 8% of the cancers in Europe, resulting in an estimated 124,000 new cases in the past year. Women were most affected; with an increased cancer rate almost triple that of men who were also obese. Two other major causes of cancer in women, smoking and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), are dropping.

According to Andrew Renehan, a cancer expert at the University of Manchester in England, “Obesity is catching up at a rate that makes it possible it could become the biggest attributable cause of cancer in women within the next decade”. These findings were presented in Berlin at the joint meeting of the European Cancer Organization and the European Society for Medical Oncology.

The research was based on information from the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer that examined cancer risk in 30 European countries. Those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25, defined as overweight, were more likely to be diagnosed with cancerous tumors, either new or recurrent. The risk was more pronounced in the Eastern European countries of Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.

A similar study from the June 2009 issue of Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention found that colorectal cancer incidence is increasing in Eastern Europe due to a Westernization of the diet leading to obesity. These factors include diets high in red and processed meats, inadequate fruit and vegetable intake, and a decrease in physical activity.

Colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer accounted for 65% of all cancers linked to obesity. The obesity and cancer link is likely related to hormonal changes that occur, particularly that of estrogen, which helps tumors grow. Estrogen is produced in adipose tissue, and levels are 50 to 100 percent higher among post-menopausal obese women.

Another factor for the increased cancer risk is that of the delay in appropriate testing. A study from the Obesity Research Journal found that severely obese women were more likely to delay screening than normal weight women. Breast cancer detection in particular becomes more difficult with increased upper body fat tissue.

According to the National Cancer Institute, obesity may be responsible for 25-30 percent of all US cancers, including that of the kidney in addition to the cancers seen prevalent in the European study. Other cancers with an obesity link include those of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the gallbladder and the pancreas.

Weight loss through healthy diet and increased physical activity can lower the risk of several cancers, particularly that of the colon and breast.

Written by Denise Reynolds RD
Exclusive to eMaxHealth
Charlotte, NC
Sources include ECCO-The European Cancer Organization, WebMD, and The National Cancer Institute
Denise Reynolds RD

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Advanced Prostate Cancer - Life Expectancy - Part-2

The second part of this article draws the curtain on the advanced stage of the prostate cancer and what to expect in terms of life expectancy.

Recent research results are beginning to show that it is possible to even further extend the life expectancy of advanced prostate type of cancer victims by simple procedures like a prostatectomy or radiation treatment. As a matter of fact, they are found to be able to more than double the life expectancy for advanced stage of the patients than would have been realized with conservative treatments.

Even the most aggressive forms of (non metastatic) prostate cancer can be treated now, thanks to surgery or radiation treatment, and the patient can expect to live more than 14 years after conclusion of the intervention! Wow... this is surely good news for those searching for life expectancy when diagnosed with the advanced stage.

It is a big step from the past practices of practically resigning oneself to the worst that the disease has to dish out by doing nothing or next to nothing after a diagnosis. Did I hear an amen from you?

The Journal of Urology in fact published an article on this finding in the March issue. Now even though some doctors are still pessimistic about how effective it may be, and they are concerned about raising hopes that may be "hopeless" because according to them - "aggressive prostate cancers are beyond cure and should only be followed with watchful waiting" or palliation, the truth remains that the treatment has actually worked for many by more than doubling the life expectancy for such patients.
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Living With Cancer

There are cancers which can be beaten especially if they have a slow onset like prostate cancer. So many adult man walk around with the disease that they do not notice this for the most part of their lives. Others have what is called a galloping variety that afflicts the lymphatic system and so spreads to the rest of the body quite quickly. Apparently the blood and lymph supply to the prostate are poor enough that its systemic spread takes longer. The individual should see a practitioner especially if his Prostate Serum Albumin is higher than normal, or if he has a larger than normal gland. Here are some points to remember when dealing with this prostate problem.

1) One thing to do is not get alarmed when you hear the word "atypical" as in undefined cells. In cell biopsies these cells can be found that does not mean the person has cancer. These cells may differentiate into something malignant and they may not, worrying about what they will be is not going to help.

2) One can do his best and consume anti-oxidant supplements which keeps body tissue from aging as quickly. These supplements are not cures but they can serve as needed placebos especially when the person is looking for an alternative medical treatment.

3) Prostate cancer is linked with a certain age group, men that are over the age of fifty are likely candidates. My urologist was diagnosed and cured of his cancer on time by using radiology treatments. He did not put off being examined for potentially cancerous issue and went regularly to his doctor for follow-up tests.

4) Tissue sampling has become more precise over the years and this is an advantage especially when one is concerned over an enlarged prostrate.Most cases of benign prostrate are not cancerous but with more accurate tissue sampling the more corners of the gland that is examined the better the chance of finding potentially cancerous cells.

5) Removing a prostate that is not cancerous is premature. This will also reduce the quality of life as the production of semen fluid will be reduced.

6) Feeling for lumps at the gross level is indicative of a cancer but that apparently is not conclusive enough. One should go for biopsies on a regulate basis. One should not rely on touch only, there is always an element of error on any one exam anyway.

7) A possible onset to the malady could be a burning at the base of the member associated to an inflamed epididymis. This organ is located near the prostate and is implicated in the storage of semen fluids prior to ejaculation. In other cancer developments it is said that unresolved inflammation in the area of question is connected. The person with epididymitis should get an antibiotic to reduce the inflammation.

Prostate cancer is one of the better cancers in that, if caught in time it could be effectively eliminated. Reducing the size of the gland in cases of hypertrophy, with drugs like Avodart will also reduce the risk. Studies have shown that the drug also has a anti-cancer effect. There are other drugs out on the market but this one is apparently the most effective in shrinking the gland and reducing the risk of a cancer developing. Removal of the gland should be a last resort.
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Electromagnet Vibrational Energy Cancer Tumor Zappers?

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In the future vibrational medicine techniques will be used to attack disease, and boost the immune system by setting the cells at exactly the most optimum frequencies. But that's not all predict many bio-tech futurist thinkers, medical device engineers, Science Fiction Writers, and inventors. They believe such a scenario can be used to stop cancer.

In fact, one inventor has already come up with such a device called; The Kanzius RF Field Generator. Invented by John Kanzius no doubt. He has a working prototype and figures he can bring it to market for around 1-2 million dollars, and we agreed when looking at his scheme at the Online Think Tank.

The Israelis have developed a similar tool, not quite the same, but it uses ultrasound to take out fat cells and it uses a directional approach and sends the sound around major organs in the body and it attacks only the fat cells. Once they are gone, they cannot ever store fat again, so it works much better than going on a diet, only to gain the weight back again.

Are we witnessing the dawn of a new age in cancer tumor fighting? Can inventors and innovators that are clearly ahead of their time like John Kanzius really use electromagnetic energy fields to cancel out cancer, and zap those cells? Many believe so and it is only a matter of time, when the correct amount of Venture Capital and funding meets up with the high-tech world of biotech. Please consider this, and we might all never have to worry about cancer again.
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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment - Part 1

Is there such a thing as the best treatment for prostate cancer? If you will speak with a radiation oncologist or an urologist asking precisely that same question, you might be surprised to find that in spite of all their knowledge and experience, they'd never be able to give you a straight and forthcoming answer.

It is not because they are ignorant, and it's certainly not because they don't know much about prostate cancer; it's because there is so much variation in the occurrence of the carcinoma that presenting one single sure-fire prostate cancer treatment, cure or remedy, is simply not productive.

Ordinarily, prostate type of cancer is a slow growing disease, such that there are times when it occurs in men and for as long as they live they may never feel its symptoms. There are men who live out their lives and die of other diseases or even old age, yet the cancer is there; and there are men who are diagnosed with the malignancy today and have to be wheeled into the operation room inside of a week. These are just two variations of how the adenocarcinoma in the prostate gland may occur, and both men certainly do not get to be treated in the same way.

Talking about the best prostate cancer treatment, it will depend on a whole lot of factors, such as the individual involved, the stages of the cancer, the growth of the cancer, etc. More so, each of the stages will have what can be called the best treatment and this won't be the best in another stage. For instance, the best form of treatment in the early stages of the condition certainly can't also be the best in the middle or advanced stage.

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