Advanced Prostate Cancer - Life Expectancy - Part-2

The second part of this article draws the curtain on the advanced stage of the prostate cancer and what to expect in terms of life expectancy.

Recent research results are beginning to show that it is possible to even further extend the life expectancy of advanced prostate type of cancer victims by simple procedures like a prostatectomy or radiation treatment. As a matter of fact, they are found to be able to more than double the life expectancy for advanced stage of the patients than would have been realized with conservative treatments.

Even the most aggressive forms of (non metastatic) prostate cancer can be treated now, thanks to surgery or radiation treatment, and the patient can expect to live more than 14 years after conclusion of the intervention! Wow... this is surely good news for those searching for life expectancy when diagnosed with the advanced stage.

It is a big step from the past practices of practically resigning oneself to the worst that the disease has to dish out by doing nothing or next to nothing after a diagnosis. Did I hear an amen from you?

The Journal of Urology in fact published an article on this finding in the March issue. Now even though some doctors are still pessimistic about how effective it may be, and they are concerned about raising hopes that may be "hopeless" because according to them - "aggressive prostate cancers are beyond cure and should only be followed with watchful waiting" or palliation, the truth remains that the treatment has actually worked for many by more than doubling the life expectancy for such patients.
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