Best Prostate Cancer Treatment - Part 1

Is there such a thing as the best treatment for prostate cancer? If you will speak with a radiation oncologist or an urologist asking precisely that same question, you might be surprised to find that in spite of all their knowledge and experience, they'd never be able to give you a straight and forthcoming answer.

It is not because they are ignorant, and it's certainly not because they don't know much about prostate cancer; it's because there is so much variation in the occurrence of the carcinoma that presenting one single sure-fire prostate cancer treatment, cure or remedy, is simply not productive.

Ordinarily, prostate type of cancer is a slow growing disease, such that there are times when it occurs in men and for as long as they live they may never feel its symptoms. There are men who live out their lives and die of other diseases or even old age, yet the cancer is there; and there are men who are diagnosed with the malignancy today and have to be wheeled into the operation room inside of a week. These are just two variations of how the adenocarcinoma in the prostate gland may occur, and both men certainly do not get to be treated in the same way.

Talking about the best prostate cancer treatment, it will depend on a whole lot of factors, such as the individual involved, the stages of the cancer, the growth of the cancer, etc. More so, each of the stages will have what can be called the best treatment and this won't be the best in another stage. For instance, the best form of treatment in the early stages of the condition certainly can't also be the best in the middle or advanced stage.

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